Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is this free?
Hell yes! right now we are giving away this great resource totally free. We just asked you to share it with friends, family, and your ex-wife.
Can I request specific companies?
Yes! Please do. We want your feedback on which companies to prioritize. Fill out the Contact Us form or shoot an email to If you have somehow fumbled your way here, but still struggle with technology just send us a letter in the mail. Just kidding we don't want paper bullshit!
Why would I want to reference these emails?
Well basically so you look like you know what you are doing when you're sending/creating emails and so you can keep track of how your competitors are communicating. This way don't look and sound like you just lost your two front teeth after falling off the slide at the playground. What does that even mean? We don't know, but it sounded funny in our head.
Will these emails make my company look smarter?
Maybe yes maybe no. That's up to you!
Can I request a feature?
You're such a burden already..... but yes of course you can! Fill out the Contact Us form or shoot an email to
Can I use these emails word-for-word in my campaign?
Plagiarism is no joke (and we've heard them all). Use them for inspiration, not impersonation. Otherwise Miss Green from grade school might come after you with her yard stick.

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