What content should be included in email marketing?

What content you should include to help drive open rates and clicks
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March 26, 2024

Hello there my friends! Ready to dive into the  world of email marketing? Great! Because today, we're talking about what to cram into that digital envelope to make sure your email is the belle of the ball (or at least doesn't get ghosted faster than a bad Tinder date).

Catchy Subject Lines

Your subject line is the gatekeeper. It determines if your email is opened or ignored. Aim for catchy and engaging, but avoid misleading “URGENT” tags unless it’s genuinely urgent.Image: A cartoon mailbox crammed with emails. One special envelope, labeled “Cool Subject Line” and sporting sunglasses, easily makes its way in.

Personalized Greetings

Ditch the generic “Dear Valued Customer.” Personalize your emails by understanding and segmenting your audience. Talk to them as individuals, because they are.Image: An alien looks confused by emails addressed to “Dear Earthling,” and “Dear [Insert Name Here],” highlighting the importance of personalization.

Valuable Content

The content of your email should offer real value. Whether it’s tips, insights, or relevant humor, make sure it’s compelling enough to stand out in a crowded inbox.Image: A person bored by monotonous emails becomes excited when opening an email with vibrant, engaging content.

Effective Call-To-Action

Encourage your readers to take action - be it making a purchase, signing up, or other engagements. Avoid being too forceful; subtlety is key.Image: A treasure map depicts the journey from an email to a “CTA” button, avoiding “Too Pushy” and “Confusing Directions” pitfalls.

Engaging Visuals

Break up text-heavy emails with appealing visuals like images, infographics, or even fun gifs. This keeps your audience engaged and interested.Image: A dull, text-laden email transforms into an attractive, visually-stimulating message.

Informative Footer

Don’t overlook the footer. It’s essential for including legal information, unsubscribe links, and social media icons. Make it informative yet unobtrusive.Image: A magnifying glass focuses on a small but significant email footer, highlighting its importance.

And that's your guide to creating emails that not only survive the inbox chaos but thrive in capturing your reader's attention. Happy emailing!

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