Three Marketing Tactics Used by Canva

How Canva does marketing in their emails to increase user engagement and build communities
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March 26, 2024

This is not affiliated with Canva in anyway.

Here is a closer look at Canva's strategies for email marketing and user engagement. If you don't already know Canva, is a design software that enables businesses and individual creators to enhance their video, photo, and digital content creation processes. It offers numerous free templates, aiding users in generating content effortlessly.

Encouraging Engagement through Streaks

Canva motivates its users to return to their platform consistently by integrating streaks into its user experience, which then gets showcased in their emails. People naturally don’t like to break streaks. It gives people a sort of satisfaction. This regular engagement not only provides Canva with additional opportunities to upsell and increase user retention but also contributes to reducing churn rates (i.e., the number of people who cancel their subscriptions).

You're 1 month away from reaching your 3 month streak

Highlighting Community Achievements

Canva fosters a sense of community by hosting award programs where users can vote for their favorite designers and creators. Such initiatives not only keep users engaged with the platform but also tap into their emotional need for recognition and contribution. Winners likely experience a rush of endorphins and are inclined to share their success with friends, serving as free marketing for Canva. Win-Win.

Last chance to vote

Inspiring Hope through Contests

Canva aims to boost user engagement by appealing to the emotion of hope, particularly targeting individuals who enjoy meticulously planning their years and are currently on the free version.

Design a weekly planner for 2024

For example, Canva offers a contest where users can design a weekly planner for a chance to win a prize package valued at $140, including a 6-month Pro subscription and a $50 gift card. This strategy not only provides participants with the hope of winning but also enriches Canva's template offerings, which can be shared across the platform for broader use.

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