Three Marketing Tactics Employed by Noom in Their Emails

An inside look into how Noom approaches their email marketing. Noom is a weight loss program designed to help individuals achieve their personal goals through scientific methods.
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March 26, 2024

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Creating a Sense of Urgency

In their marketing campaigns, Noom creates a sense of urgency to persuade potential customers to sign up for a paid account. They use phrases like "Hurry" and set expiring timeframes to push for immediate action.

Noom's emal marketing template

The use of urgency signals plays on the fear of missing out (FOMO), compelling users to act immediately to take advantage of an offer before it disappears. This tactic is common in online shopping scenarios; for instance, Etsy displays messages like "Only 9 left" or "20+ views in the last 24 hours" to encourage quick purchases. Assuming this works for them as Noom repeatedly utilizes this strategy across numerous emails, featuring various expiring offers.

Highlighting Outcomes

Noom understands the challenges of weight loss for their target audience and addresses these by promising significant results. They claim that using Noom can lead to double the weight loss compared to going it alone.

Noom's emal marketing template

This approach is particularly powerful for individuals who are eager to lose weight but lack confidence in their ability to do so independently. By promising faster and more significant outcomes, Noom assures potential customers that investing in their program will yield benefits unattainable on their own.

Utilizing Simple Visual Storytelling

Noom recognizes the power of a compelling story, which they convey through subtle visual narratives. They present a weight loss journey graph that illustrates the ups and downs one might experience, including periods of plateau, weight gain, and significant life events, all without explicitly stating these challenges. The graph's fluctuations, alongside symbols like a birthday cake, signify that it's possible to enjoy life's pleasures and still achieve one's weight loss goals, culminating in the success of reaching the desired weight.

Noom's emal marketing template

This method is effective because it offers a relatable and realistic portrayal of the weight loss journey, acknowledging setbacks and life events as part of the process. It reassures potential users that Noom understands these challenges and supports achieving goals despite them. The headline "This could be you" evokes emotion and motivates action, making the visual story resonate with the audience.

In summary, Noom's marketing strategies are designed to motivate action through urgency, promise desirable outcomes, and connect emotionally through visual storytelling, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of their audience's needs and challenges.

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