Tactics used by Alaska Airlines to drive customer engagement and drive up flight sales.

How Alaska Airlines produces outstanding marketing emails
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July 9, 2024

Alaska Airlines uses several strategic tactics in its email marketing to engage customers and increase flight sales. Here’s a few that we are noticing

1. Offering Popular Destination Discounts

Alaska Airlines frequently sends emails highlighting discounts on flights to popular destinations. These promotions are designed to capture the interest of potential travelers by making attractive destinations more affordable.

Example: Emails may feature limited-time offers on flights to popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, or tropical destinations in Hawaii. During summer on they go heavier on beach destinations. By highlighting these discounts, Alaska Airlines not only draws attention to their flight options but also creates a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to book quickly to take advantage of the deals.

Key Takeaway: Look for opportunities to offer limited-time discounts on popular destinations to entice customers and create a sense of urgency to drive up customer action.

2. Providing Payment Plans

Understanding that cost can be a barrier to travel, Alaska Airlines offers payment plans to make vacations more accessible. This approach helps alleviate the financial burden of upfront costs, allowing more customers to plan and book their trips, on their terms.

Example: Alaska Airlines partners with financing companies to offer installment payment options. Emails might highlight how customers can book their flights now and pay over time, making it easier for families and individuals to afford travel without financial strain. I love this because everyone deserves a vacation, even when finances are tight. Often times the people who can’t afford them are the ones who need them the most.

Key Takeaway: If it makes sense for your product, see if there are opportunities to help reduce the barrier to obtain your product or service. Payment plans, deposits, pay later, lite versions, etc.

3. Offering Premium Club Benefits

To enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction, Alaska Airlines promotes the benefits of its premium clubs, such as the Alaska Lounge and Mileage Plan. These benefits add value to the travel experience, encouraging repeat business and membership sign-ups.

Example: Emails detail the perks of joining the Alaska Lounge, such as access to comfortable lounges, complimentary snacks and beverages, and priority boarding. They even offer a $5.00 per month Access pass that provides unlimited WiFi.

Key Takeaway: Highlight the exclusive benefits of premium memberships to enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat customers. It is always easier to keep your current customers then obtain new ones.

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