How To Get Your Competitors’ Email Addresses

a simple strategy to find your competitors' email addresses
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March 26, 2024

Ever wondered what your competitors are up to in their emails? No shit same here. Well, it's time dive into the thrilling world of competitors’ emails. 

Google Stalk

Let’s start with the basics. Google is your BFF here. Try searching for “[Competitor Name] + email”. You might just stumble upon their email addresses on public forums, their websites, or in some deep, dark corner of the internet. But let’s be real, this method is as reliable as my diet plan on a weekend.


Look around your competitor’s LinkedIn profiles. Sometimes, they leave their emails right there in their contact info. Sometimes they want to be found.

Now, let’s talk about This website is like a friend who knows everything about everyone. Just search for a brand and a bunch of emails associated with that brand. You can easily find the email address they were sent from. 

Industry Events

Remember those industry events you keep avoiding? Time to put on your best smile and some real pants. These events are email goldmines. Exchange cards, make small talk, and boom - you've got another email. Plus, you might even enjoy it. Stranger things have happened.

Social Media

Your competitors are flaunting their emails on social media like it's nobody's business. Check their Twitter bios, Facebook about pages, and Instagram profiles. It's a little bit like stalking, but that’s ok.

Final Thoughts

Finding your competitors’ emails isn’t rocket science. Use these emails to learn, grow, and maybe enjoy a little harmless gossip. We won’t judge.

Cheers Mates!

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