How I spiked traffic 33% working 3-4 hrs a day.

How writing about my journey drove up traffic to my site
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March 26, 2024

Welcome to 2024 and my first blog post of the year. I’m kicking off a weekly series where I’ll share my adventures in growing a product, what I try out, and the lessons I learn along the way. I’m hoping you’ll find something in my stories that resonates with you and helps you in your own journey.

This Week’s Content Creation Discovery

I discovered how powerful it can be to write stuff that people really connect with. My year-end recap seemed to do just that – maybe because it’s that time of year when everyone’s into setting goals and looking back.

Traffic Update

I shared my recap all over the place and traffic to shot up! It was the busiest week ever for the site, even beating the week I launched on Product Hunt by 33%. Pretty dope. Here is the breakdown by top channels

  • Direct - 68.7%
  • Indie Hackers - 15.9%
  • Reddit - 6.9%
  • Google - 2.4%

I found this to super interesting as prior to posting my story almost zero of my traffic was coming from channels other than direct. I plan to dive into this more and try writing more content.

What I Did This Week

  • Set Up PostHog: To track conversions, daily active users, and the sources of incoming traffic. This implementation helps me better understand which channels and efforts yield the best results for user growth.
  • Detailed Definitions: I’ve improved the categorization of email categories for greater accuracy. Expect this update to launch in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 😊
  • Crafted Email: I produced and sent out “The Weekly Drip 💧” email (yes, this is all done manually).
  • Talked with Users: I had conversations with several current and prospective users to understand their needs, goals, and what additional features might be beneficial for If you’re interested in chatting, let me know—I plan to do this every week.
  • Responded to Comments: I spent time engaging with users on Reddit groups, social media, and online forums.
  • North Star Progress: I worked on the design for the future vision of our product’s development.
  • Launched New Experiment: I’ll share more about this in a future blog. Whether successful or not, we’ll delve deeper into its outcomes.

Learnings of the Week

  • People love stories they can relate to.
  • More of my time should be focused on the channels that are brining in the most amount of traffic, until those channels stop working.
  • Not every social channel is bringing in users, even though I’ve been super active on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • If you get people excited about your product, they’ll naturally want to share it.
  • I’ve got so much to learn about marketing! Wish me luck.

Internal thoughts and questions

  • How the fuck do I know what my time is best spent doing? I do so much, but I would love to know that my efforts are in the right areas.
  • So glad to get this definitions done what a boring ass task that was.
  • Should I be send out the weekly email bi-weekly or maybe monthly? Is the content in them relevant? They do get about a 50-75% open rate, with about 3-5% click rate.
  • Talking to users is so helpful and get my super excited each time I leave the zoom calls.
  • Should I go horizontal or vertical on the business modal? Both can work but which is smarter and gets me more excited.
  • Loving some of the northstar vision that I have been designing.
  • Really hoping the experiment pays off cause it would be such a cool growth hack story.
  • New environments really get the juices flowing.
  • I think writing content that is not AI generated is going to be a secret to business grow in 2024 because the world is becoming saturated with AI content and people seems less engaged with it.
  • Why the fuck won’t my dog stop barking at other dogs.
  • Should I start a TikTok and show a day in the life of someone trying to start a company.

That’s it for this week!

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as I navigate this wild ride of growing and if you wanna learn more about email marketing create an account!

PS As always if you made it this far create an account and share our product with other to help us grow. No…..seriously do it or we will direct an empty threat your way.


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