How AllTrails Excels in Email Marketing: Clear Messaging, Inspirational Content, and Seasonal Relevance

Discover how AllTrails excels in email marketing with clear messaging, educational and inspirational content, and seasonal relevance. Learn how they engage their audience by focusing on user-specific needs and providing timely, valuable information.
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June 23, 2024

AllTrails is a platform for outdoor enthusiasts. It allows its users to find hikes and track them.  They stand out with some beautiful design emails that are curated to the user’s specific needs. Here’s how AllTrails crafts emails that are informative, engaging, and timely, enhancing the outdoor experience for its users.

Clear and Direct Messaging

AllTrails prioritizes clarity in its email communications. Each email is focused on a single, well-defined message, whether it introduces a new trial feature, offers membership benefits, or shares essential safety tips. This allows recipients to easily understand and act on the information provided. This helps reduce information overload and ultimately drives up the key metrics they are driving.

Ex: One of their emails specifically mentions their “viewpoint” feature, then proceeds to show numerous examples of the viewpoint feature in action. I would assume this click-through rate is pretty high.

Key Takeaway: Focus each email on a single, clear message to make it easy for your audience to understand and act on the information.

Educational and Inspirational Content

The content of AllTrails’ emails educates and inspires. Their emails often include trail guides, hiking tips, and stories from the AllTrails community. The blend of instructional and motivational content helps users make the most of their hiking experience. Whether it's learning how to navigate a new trail or finding inspiration from fellow hikers, AllTrails makes sure that their email help their audience.

Key Takeaway: Combine educational and inspirational content to provide value and engage your audience effectively.

Seasonal Relevance

AllTrails adeptly tailors its email content to the seasons. During peak hiking seasons, emails often highlight popular trails, provide gear recommendations, or offer safety tips. In contrast, off-season emails may focus on winter sports, quieter trails, or wildfire safety. This seasonal approach helps to keep customers informed and engaged no matter what time of the year. Alltrails understands how impactful a nurture email is at the right time of year.

Ex: They highlight getting outside during summer and encourage people to do things that go hand in hand with hiking. Swimming and picnics. They also highlight trails with water features.

Key Takeaway: Tailor your email content to align with seasonal trends and needs to keep your messages timely and relevant.

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