How Aerie Does Email Marketing

Discover how Aerie's authentic and event-based email marketing strategies resonate with their audience and drive engagement.
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June 26, 2024

Aerie is a popular lifestyle brand. Here’s how Aerie’s approach to email marketing resonates with its audience and drives engagement.

1. Authentic Messaging

Aerie’s emails aim for in authenticity, focusing on genuine communication with their audience. They use relatable content to connect with their customers. For instance, their "Aerie Real" campaign features unretouched photos and diverse models, celebrating real beauty and authenticity. They specifically call out that they no longer retouch photos. This approach helps build trust and fosters a strong relationship between the brand and its customers.

Example: Aerie's emails often showcase models of all shapes and sizes, encouraging self-love and diversity. Emails like their “Love Yourself” campaign feature real-life stories from customers and influencers

Key Takeaway: Be authentic and relatable in your emails to build trust and connect more deeply with your audience. People like transparency.

2. Events Based Content

Aerie does an excellent job at tailoring their messaging to specific events, emphasizing the emotional connections associated with these occasions. Understanding that their target demographic often seeks new outfits for events, Aerie curates specific outfit ideas for their customers.

Example: In their campaigns for their linen line, Aerie showcases outfit ideas for pool parties, hoping that customers will be inspired to purchase not just one item but several, ultimately increasing purchase intent .

Key Takeaway: Connect with your customers on an emotional level by aligning your content with events or other aspects of their daily lives.

3. Seasonal Promotions and Trends

Aerie effectively leverages seasonal promotions to keep their email content fresh and relevant. Their emails often highlight seasonal trends, special offers, and timely product recommendations. From summer swimwear to cozy winter loungewear, Aerie’s emails tend do an outstanding job of driving customer action due to seasonal relevance.

Example: During the summer season, Aerie sends emails featuring bikini specials, pool outfits, and heavy beach photography. They also include summer night out, outfit ideas.

Key Takeaway: Align your email content with seasonal trends and promotions to keep your messages timely and relevant, boosting engagement and sales.

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