Chegg email marketing tactics to learn from

Explore how companies like Chegg engage students with free perks, virtual office hours on TikTok, and significant prize giveaways in our latest brand breakdown
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May 14, 2024

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This week, we're diving into Cheggs marketing strategies for email marketing and enhancing user engagement. Chegg is an educational support company that provides textbooks and study materials for students.

Free Perk Offerings Tailored to Student Habits and Needs

To encourage students to sign up for their online study support subscription, the company has partnered with various firms to offer free pro subscriptions to apps that support common student activities and address typical issues.

Each brand caters to a specific student need:

  1. DoorDash - Assists busy students during late-night study sessions by waiving delivery fees, acknowledging the tight budgets that students often have.
  2. Tinder Gold - Recognizing that college students frequently use online dating, offering the top-tier plan provides more incentive to sign up for the service.
  3. Prezi - Since students often need to create presentations for classes, the partnership with Prezi allows them to go beyond basic Google Slides.
  4. Calm - With the understanding that students often face high stress and anxiety, providing access to Calm can aid not only in customer retention but also in supporting students' mental health.

Key Takeaway:
Explore opportunities to provide your paying customers with something special that might help them or incentivize them to upgrade or remain loyal.

Hosting Virtual Office Hours With Experts

The company has been hosting virtual office hours via TikTok Live, leveraging the platform in a non-traditional way to engage a large part of their student user base. This initiative is likely quite successful, offering a glimpse of the value the service provides, especially in the types of study help available.

Key Takeaway: Consider offering sneak peeks of your services in non-traditional ways. Think about where your target customers spend their time and engage with them there.

Student Prize Giveaways

Annually, the company gives away a $100,000 prize to a student who is making significant contributions. This not only boosts brand awareness but also supports students, encouraging more of them to create accounts, which leads to further marketing opportunities and sign-ups for the service.

Key Takeaway: Consider if there are opportunities for you to give back to your community. This doesn’t always have to involve money; think of ways to show support and get your name out there. What goes around comes around.

Special Mention

Shout out to this 17-year-old kid from Ukraine, who developed a drone to detect landmines and won last years prize. Holy shit what a smart kid!

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