Balancing a full-time job with your side business

A quick tip about managing your time and avoiding burnout
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May 10, 2024

I was completely fed up with never getting anything done. I craved change in my life but felt like I was perpetually running on a treadmill—working merely to retire someday.

That's how it felt for years, until I discovered a secret that allowed me to work on side projects consistently without feeling drained.

So, what was this secret?

It was all about managing my energy and being selective with my time.

What do I mean by that?

Identify those times in your day when you feel most energetic and creative. For some, this may be early in the morning before the day job starts; for others, late at night after work.

For example: If you're a personal trainer with a long break between clients, that might be your best time. The specific time doesn't matter—just find when working on your passion project feels energizing rather than burdensome.

For me, it was waking up at 5 AM and dedicating about three hours each morning to work before my 9-to-5 job as a product designer.

This was before my brain felt completely fried.

And guess what? Once I started doing this, something magical happened...

I became consistent with my efforts without feeling exhausted.

This routine allowed me to launch and rapidly grow the site to over 4000 users in just a few months. It even helped me achieve over 40,000 site visits for my very first project.

While I'm still far from what I would consider successful, these are significant victories.

The greatest win?

I no longer feel like I’m just running in place. I see real opportunities ahead.

Whether I succeed or fail at this project is now irrelevant because I know I have what it takes to initiate and sustain momentum.

But deep down, I have a strong feeling this will work out.

What about you all?

Have you discovered any life-changing productivity secrets?

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