3 simple tactics used in Alani Nu's email marketing

A dive into some of the marketing tactics that Alani Nu uses to help drive up their sales and grow their audience
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April 2, 2024

We're back this week to delve into Alani Nu's email marketing strategies. For those unfamiliar, Alani Nu is a health and wellness brand that offers a variety of products ranging from energy drinks and protein powders to hard seltzers. Let's explore some of the marketing and design tactics they employ to engage their customers effectively. This content is not associated with Alani Nu in any manner.

Product Bundling

Alani Nu enhances its sales by offering product bundles. They combine two existing products from their lineup, presenting them as a single package to increase the perceived value of the offer. Often, to make the deal more attractive, they include a complimentary gift that complements the bundled products, thereby enhancing the utility for the customer.

Key Insight: Consider repositioning your product or service to alter customer perception. For example, creating a "sampler pack" by bundling three flavors together or naming bundled services creatively, like "The Social Media Package" for SaaS offerings, can make your offerings more appealing.

Leveraging Color Theory to Evoke Emotions

Alani Nu uses bright, vibrant colors in their emails to evoke feelings of happiness and playfulness, understanding that people are more likely to make purchases when in a positive emotional state. Their choice of color scheme is tailored to appeal to their target demographic, predominantly females, suggesting a strategic use of color to influence consumer behavior.

Key Insight:The power of color in marketing shouldn’t be overlooked. Choose your colors thoughtfully to convey the intended message for your emails. If you’re new, Googling “color wheel emotions" will help provide you with the correct colors for the emotions you want to envoke.

Demonstrating Product Use

Without explicitly stating it, Alani Nu showcases their products in use, which speaks volumes. For instance, they highlight how compact their energy sticks are, fitting effortlessly into a woman's pocket, which implicitly suggests convenience for an active lifestyle.

Key Insight: Showcasing your product in action can significantly impact its appeal. Whether through videos, screenshots, or live demos, allowing customers to visualize the product in use can subtly influence their purchasing decision without the need for overt persuasion.

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