3 simple tactics used by Adidas in their emails

Explore Adidas's key marketing strategies that enhance customer engagement and loyalty.
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April 3, 2024

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This week, we're diving into Adidas's effective marketing strategies for email marketing and enhancing user engagement. For those who may not know, Adidas is a globally recognized sports apparel brand, known for sponsoring sports teams and collaborating with athletes.

Developing a Loyalty Program

Adidas captivates its audience through loyalty programs, incentivizing customers with a point system that rewards them over time. This strategy not only encourages customers to regularly engage by logging in and building points but also enhances customer loyalty by offering various benefits at different levels, leading to increased sales for Adidas.

Key Takeaway: Consider integrating a loyalty program into your product or business strategy. Whether it's through a points redemption system or various user tiers, giving your customers compelling reasons to stay loyal can be significantly beneficial.

Offering Time-sensitive Vouchers

Adidas boosts sales by sending club members exclusive vouchers redeemable for a limited time. These offers, exclusive to email recipients and not available elsewhere, tap into customers' love for discounts, potentially influencing them to purchase more expensive items. Adidas empowers customers by allowing them to choose the items they wish to apply these discounts to.

Key Takeaway: Explore unique ways to offer your customers discounts or special deals that they cannot find anywhere else, enhancing the exclusivity and attractiveness of your offers.

Providing Exclusive Early Access

Adidas knows how to make their loyalty program members feel valued by offering them early access to sales before the general public. This exclusivity not only makes items more attainable before they potentially sell out but also enhances the overall customer experience by offering something unique.

Key Takeaway: Special offers and incentives do not always have to be monetary. Providing exclusive experiences or access can also serve as a powerful motivator, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

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